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Romeo y Julieta Buying Guide Editors Make Choosing These World-Class Cigars Easy

​When it comes to "The Classics" in premium handmade cigars, Romeo y Julieta cigars are among the leaders, and the editors at want cigar smokers to know what this 142 year-old label has to offer in their latest 2017 Report: "The Essential Romeo y Julieta Cigars Review & Tasting Guide." In this overview that features 11 popular selections, the purpose of the Guide is to help both old and new cigar enthusiasts learn more about what the Romeo y Julieta brand has to offer.

"There are so many great Romeo y Julieta cigars to pick from, we had a hard time narrowing it down," said managing editor, John Pullo. "But we chose a wide range of blends, making it easy for cigar lovers to find the perfect match for their personal taste preference and experience."

There are so many great Romeo y Julieta cigars to pick from, we had a hard time narrowing it down

John Pullo, managing editor

Of the 11 cigars spotlighted in the Guide is the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully, one of the bestselling Robusto cigars in the entire Romeo portfolio.

"A very savory smoke that starts medium-bodied," writes Fred Lunt. "I would recommend it as an alternative starter cigar for someone who doesn’t like sweet cigars or pepper bombs."

Mr. Lunt also reviewed the new, full-bodied Romeo 505 Toro, released earlier this year. "505" stands for Nicaragua's area code, and the line has already received high rating scores from the premium cigar media and blogosphere.

"Loads of creamy smoke and sweet, smooth flavors with a peppery Nicaraguan kick," wrote Lunt. "A great smoke for anybody who likes a dark and complex smoke."

Executive editor, Gary Korb, wrote about the Romeo y Julieta House of Montague Toro, an all-maduro selection sold exclusively through Famous Smoke Shop.

"A mostly sweet and well-balanced smoke...Cigar smokers looking for an affordably-priced [medium-bodied] cigar that's not too complex and consistent throughout will find this cigar very satisfying on all counts," wrote Korb.

Korb was also impressed with the Romeo Aging Room Capriccio, calling it, "A complex and heady experience...It’s one sweet and highly refined smoke you don’t want to rush."

Among the Romeos reviewed by Mr. Pullo was the Romeo Añejo Toro, which he said was, "A mouthful when it comes to feel and flavors. . . All the components of this smoke are aged, so everything about it – flavor, feel, everything – is thick, velvety and super smooth, even the wrapper. . . This would be awesome with wine; skip the pinot noir and go for a seriously beefy glass of red."

Also on Mr. Pullo's list was the ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Robusto.

"Big in body and flavors – there’s a lot going on here with this Romeo, and much of it is pepper and dark chocolate," wrote Pullo, who added, "If you have some cigar experience, like something with a little more body, and want to start developing your palate a little, I’d recommend you put this RyJ on your to-do list."

At its best, the Guide shows cigar consumers what a wide variety of Romeo y Julieta cigar choices are available to them, not to mention how far the Cuban heritage brand has come since Inocencio Alvarez and Manin Garcia established it back in 1875.

The complete list of cigars reviewed by the staff can be found in the Romeo y Julieta Review and Tasting Guide.

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